Corporate Health Screening

Any serious illness such as heart disease, stroke or cancer not only has a major impact on the individual and their family, but it also has a significant impact on their ability to work, often for a considerable period. For an employer, a prolonged absence of any employee, especially a key member of the team, can have serious consequences.

It is well known that there are usually factors, or early warning signs, leading up to the onset of serious illnesses, in particular heart diseases, strokes and cancers. Identifying these factors, an addressing them, can often reduce the chances of developing these illnesses. Health screening plays an important role in this preventive approach to good health.  

At Lotus Healthcare, our tailor-made Lotus Healthscreens allow us to identify illnesses, or abnormalities, at an early stage when active intervention can change the outcome of a condition in a positive manner. By using the information provided, we can also calculate the individual’s risk of developing certain illnesses such as heart disease or stroke in the future.  We can then advise our client on how such risks may be modified or reduced by offering specific solutions. These solutions are based on both medication as well as nutrition, physical exercise, lifestyle changes, stress management and altering the mind body relationship.

Most important of all, Lotus Healthscreens offers the employer the comfort that the health of their key personnel is being looked after, allowing the employee to contribute effectively to the success of the business.

 All the investigations are carried out by highly trained experts using modern technology.

Following the health screen you will be given a detailed report of all investigations and an action plan for you to follow. If you wish, we can send a copy of this report to your GP for them to help you manage any medical conditions which require longer term follow up.

Where appropriate, we will recommend follow up consultations and investigations to monitor progress on the conditions causing concern.

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