Client Information

  1. The purpose of the medico-legal assessment is to document the injuries that you sustained in the accident.
  2. The medico-legal assessment is performed by Dr Mayank R Shah who is an independent expert witness and has considerable experience in such assessments.
  3. The independent expert acts in a strictly independent capacity and his/her role is to provide an objective report to the solicitor/s and Court.
  4. Prior to the examination, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. You are strongly advised to complete this questionnaire as this allows you to provide information which can be used in the preparation of the report. Please remember to bring the completed questionnaire to the assessment.
  5. If your command of the English language is limited, you are welcome to bring a friend or relative to the assessment to act as an interpreter. Alternatively, please ask the instructing solicitor to arrange for a professional interpreter to accompany you.
  6. During the assessment, you will be asked questions about the injuries, how they have affected you, treatment received and progress
  7. You will undergo a physical examination of the relevant parts of the body. You will be asked to remove the relevant items of clothing to allow a comprehensive examination to take place. The wishes of the clients who refuse to remove clothing will be respected; however, the report will state that the examination was performed without a full inspection.
  8. Following the assessment, a report containing the factual information together with recommendations will be sent to the instructing solicitor and, in most cases, is shared with the third party solicitor. If the matter proceeds to litigation, the report can be used in Court as evidence.
  9. You are strongly advised to provide factual and truthful information which you can repeat in a Court of Law under oath.