Our Process

On receipt of the instructions, you, the referrer, can be reassured that everything will be done to ensure a smooth and efficient handling of the instructions.

Our experienced administrative team will undertake the following:

  • Ensure that all the necessary documents are ready
  • Liaise with hospitals and general practitioners to obtain the medical records
  • Contact the client to arrange an convenient appointment
  • Confirm all appointments in writing, providing a map of the clinic, information on public transport and parking
  • Where there are language difficulties, we can arrange a professional interpreter to attend the consultation

Our experts will ensure that the reports are prepared as soon as possible, and these can be submitted to the instructing parties both electronically as well as by post.

All queries, or requests for additional reports, are also dealt with in the same way to minimise delays.

Attending a medico-legal consultation can be a daunting experience for the client. Our experts will ensure that the client is reassured and the purpose of the consultation and the process is explained satisfactorily.