Travelling to the UK for medical treatment

At Lotus Healthcare, we have considerable expertise and experience in dealing with people wishing to travel to the UK for medical treatment. We have close links with some of the leading specialists, hospitals and diagnostic facilities in the UK and are able to ensure that your visit to the UK is as comfortable as possible. We appreciate that the patient and their relatives will be anxious about their trip to the UK, and the medical care they expect to receive. We are here to ensure that you do not have to worry about arranging your healthcare in the UK.

Our services include:

  • Initial review of the medical reports and results prior to your arrival in the UK. This often includes discussion with the specialists who may be involved in your care to ensure that an appropriate treatment plan is organised prior to your arrival.
  • Where necessary, an ambulance transfer can be arranged from the port of arrival to the hospital.
  • Initial assessment in our consulting room and arrangements for appropriate further investigations. We have access to some of the largest and best diagnostic facilities in London and are able to organise most tests within a very short period.
  • Review of the investigations and formation of an individualised management plan with you.
    Referral to appropriate clinical specialist.
  • Coordination and supervision of your care throughout your stay.
  • Following the completion of the treatment, we will ensure that the follow-up treatment plans are agreed and forwarded to your doctors in your country of origin.