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Diagnostic investigations are often necessary to help identify, or in some cases rule out, certain conditions. Lotus Healthcare has established links with the leading diagnostic centres in London, facilitating a high quality efficient service.

At Lotus Healthcare, we work very closely with some of the leading laboratories and diagnostic centres to offer you the benefit of the state of the art diagnostic facilities.      

These include:

  1. A comprehensive range of blood tests;
  2. X-rays and scans including MRI, CT and PET scan;
  3. Mammography for screening any abnormalities in the breast;
  4. Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scan to detect any abnormalities in the abdomen and pelvis e.g. ovarian tumours;
  5. Cardiac investigations including exercise ECG, perfusion scans, 24 hour monitoring of blood pressure and heart rhythm, echocardiogram, and CT scan of the heart structure and vessels and scan of the blood vessels supplying the brain;
  6. Bone density scan to detect changes in the texture and structure of the bone.

Following the investigation, we will help you to understand the results and agree an action plan on further care.

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