Velasmooth Treatments

What is it?

This is a body contouring treatment for excess fat and cellulite with the aid of a machine known as VelaSmooth. This is a new technology (2005) using a combination of radio frequency waves, infra red radiation, vacuum massage and mechanic manipulation. All these energies compliment one another to get rid of unwanted localised fat deposits which do not go away despite dieting and exercise. Following the treatment the cellulite is improved, the skin becomes tighter and the body contours are better defined.

VelaSmooth is very useful for patients after liposuction, helping to get better and quicker results with even surface and tighter skin. In fact VelaSmooth and mini-liposuction are used together for stubborn localised fat deposits on areas such as double chin, “love handles” on the arms, “saddle bags” at the buttocks, tummy, inner and outer thighs and the knees.

How is it done?

After consultation and initial assessment, the patient lies down and special lotion is applied to the skin at the target area. A machine applicator is placed on the skin and a therapist starts moving the applicator, sliding it on the skin in different directions. The energy source emits RF waves and IR radiation rhythmically while the applicator is moving on the skin surface. The patient feels the vacuum suction and warmth from the radiating energy. The procedure is not painful and is very similar to a vacuum massage.

How does it work?

In order to explain how the machine works, it is necessary to explain the nature of cellulites.   

Cellulites is an area of excess fat deposit where fat cells clump together to form a lumpy honeycomb shaped layer of fat. Each clump is separated from the neighbours by a rigid membrane – septae which is firmly attached to the skin. Fat cells divide in this enclosed space causing stretching of the septae till the blood supply is almost cut off, the overlaying skin is stretched and it causes an uneven lumpy-dimpled surface. 

VelaSmooth makes the blood vessels dilate, by vacuum suction. This also brings the fat tissue closer to the source of energy emission.  The IR radiation warms up the fat tissue, making the content of fat cells more liquid. The RF wave passes through the fat cells and causes the cell membrane to depolarise, which makes the cell content leak into the intercellular space. The mechanical massaging with the applicator’s roller blades causes dispersal of the leaked fat, and more blood and lymphatic fluid circulation. The liquefied fat is eventually drained out naturally through the body’s own lymphatic system.

How many treatments are required?

A treatment course consists of 8-12 sessions, preferably twice a week. A maintenance session is then recommended once in 3-6 months.

Are there any side effects?

The patient may suffer a little redness but this settles within 15 minutes. There may be minimal swelling. Burns are almost never heard of, but bruising is possible and resolves within 1-2 weeks

What aftercare is required?

No special aftercare is required. However, diet and regular exercise are very important to maintain the results and using good body moisturiser is advised.

Are there any contraindications?

The treatment is not recommended where there is active skin infection, malignancy, bleeding disorders, a tendency to bruise badly and autoimmune disorders. It is also not recommended where the patient has metal implants in or near to treatment areas or pacemakers.