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July - 2013
The previous article from Lotus Healthcare addressed the health issues relating to women.

This article focuses on health issues relating to men ... the reluctant heroes!

Several studies have shown that men are reluctant to seek help for health and emotional problems for a variety of reasons, including work pressure, social and personal factors and the age-old lack of time.
April - 2013
Now that Mother’s day has past, you can still invest in the health of that very special lady, be it your mother, sister, wife, daughter or girlfriend.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and being aware of the special health issues are all important, however, a targeted health check will help to identify problems at a very early stage when effective intervention makes all the difference.
August - 2012

I am delighted to inform you that between 5 and 6 July 2012, together with my team of "walking wounded" buddies, I was able to complete the the 3 Peaks challenge within 24 hours.

These are the highest mountain peaks of England (Scaffel Pike), Wales (Snowdonia) and Scotland (Ben Nevis) respectively.

January - 2012
Our dinner table discussions on New Year’s Eve inevitably turned to the topic of the coming year’s resolutions, and guess what topped the list?
July - 2011

Britain is one of the few countries in the world with an established screening programme for the major cancers and cardiovascular conditions.

June - 2011

Do you feel tired all the time? Do you suffer from decreased sex drive?

April - 2011

A recent survey show one in four of us mistakenly believes we have a serious condition after looking up our symptoms online. But most scary symptoms are really nothing to worry about…

November - 2010
  • Are you one of the silent sufferers?
  • Tried everything and yet no benefit
  • Do you suffer from a chronic painful condition?
  • Does migraine regularly send you to bed for days?
  • Do painful periods disable you every month?
October - 2010

As we approach the winter season, the risk of a flu epidemic looms over us. Flu (influenza) is caused by a virus organism. Most individuals with a robust immune system are able to fight this off within a few days. However, the symptoms of flu are variable and can result in severe body ache, cough, temperature and runny nose, resulting in lost days from work or education.