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Travel Vaccination Update

Summer heralds the start of the holiday season with increasing number of UK residents travelling abroad.  In addition, the World Cup Football event will also see a large number of visitors travelling to South Africa and other parts of Africa.

However, travellers need to be aware of the recent warning by the UK Health Protection Agency (HPA) about the importance of yellow fever vaccine to those travelling via other countries in Africa, especially Kenya, and the requirement for an up to date yellow fever vaccination certificate when entering South Africa.

Travelling abroad provides a pleasurable and an educational experience.  This experience can be enhanced by taking simple precautions prior to travelling.  Avoiding the risk of infections and serious illness is an important aspect of preparing for this journey.
Travel vaccinations help to prevent the likelihood of contracting these potentially serious infections.

We strongly recommend commencing the travel vaccination programme well in advance of the journey. A number of vaccinations require a repeat dose to provide full immunity and protection.

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