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T's & C's for Solicitors

• The Solicitor (‘the Appointor’) acting on behalf of, (‘the Claimant/Defendant/Client’), has appointed Dr [    ] (‘the Expert’), to render advice and services in accordance with these Terms of Engagement.  If requested, the Expert will accept joint instruction in conformity with the Civil Procedure Rules.

The Appointor will normally provide date-ordered, paginated, catalogued, clear, single-item, single-sided copies of case notes and other documents.  Where preferred, the Expert can arrange provision of this service, which will be charged separately as disbursement; this preference will be assumed if documents are sent unsorted.

All rights and benefits of ownership in written reports, photographs, recordings, models and other original work created by the Expert shall remain vested in the Expert until all relevant charges have been paid in full.

Fees for expert work are charged exclusive of non-profit costs.  Units of engagement are tenths of an hour or part thereof.  Travelling time is charged at full professional rate.  The Expert shall be entitled, at his discretion, to render invoices at monthly, quarterly or other intervals.

The Appointor will pay the Expert on receipt of invoice.  At the Expert’s discretion, payments on account may be required.  If an invoice is unpaid 12 (twelve) months after the invoice date the Expert shall be entitled to invoice and recover interest at the rate of 2% per month or part thereof.  The Expert shall be entitled to recover all costs incurred in recovering outstanding payments, including correspondence, invoices and statements.

If an engagement (Court Appearances, conferences, appointments etc) is cancelled (including failure to attend) other than by the Expert, the Expert shall be entitled to invoice and recover Cancellation Charges according to the following scale:

If notice received is
More than fifteen clear working days           no charge
From five to fifteen clear working days        50% of fee
Less than five clear working days               In full 

The Appointor shall be responsible for payment of the Expert’s fees and non-profit costs.  Charges are not contingent on any outcome or settlement nor subject to reduction in response of any external scale or limit or as a result of any costs assessment or any reason except by explicit prior written agreement.  


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