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Seeking Treatment Abroad

The increased ease of modern travel allows individuals the opportunity to seek  treatment aboard for a variety of medical, surgical and aesthetic conditions.  There are many factors which contribute to this decision including support from relatives, an opportunity to convalesce in a warm climate after surgery and, equally important, the cost benefits. 

However, the main anxieties for an individual seeking treatment abroad are:

  • Qualifications and skills of the medical professionals.The standard of care and facilities in the hospital
  • The quality of diagnostic facilities.
  • Travel arrangements, especially on reaching the destination.
  • Accommodations for patients and their relatives, both before and after treatment.
  • Initial assessment and follow ups after the treatment

At Lotus Healthcare, we have close links with some of the best doctors and hospital facilities abroad to provide you, the individual, the comfort and satisfaction that you will be travelling to a clinic which has established links with a major UK healthcare provider.

Our services include:

  • Initial assessment and advice on appropriate treatment.  We will discuss with you the treatment options and where this can be achieved most appropriately in your individual case.
  • We will liaise with the doctors abroad to ensure that they are fully aware of your clinical problems prior to your departure and receive their feed back on the type of treatment, the expected duration of inpatient stay and the costing.
  • Our services include arrangements for ambulance transfer (where appropriate) and accommodation close to the hospital abroad.
  • We will remain in constant communication with the doctors treating you abroad to discuss any difficulties or problems that you may encounter.
  • Follow-up care after you return to the UK.  The doctors treating you abroad will provide us with a detailed report to allow us to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care on your return to the UK.
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