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Employment and Insurance checks

In any organisation, human resources are one of the most important assets. Maintaining their health and welfare is a key consideration of the management. This applies to large multi-nationals and partnerships, as well as to small to medium-sized firms.

Employers are becoming increasingly conscious of the impact that their employees’ health has on their organisations. It is now common practice in many companies to assess both the physical and psychological health of the key personnel.

Lotus Healthcare undertakes medical examinations for:

  • Pre-employment assessment
  • Life assurance purposes
  • Immigration and emigration examinations
  • Annual health checks for employees
  • Sports medical examinations

Pre-employment medical examinations are often an important part of the initial assessment. Lotus Healthcare is able to offer these examinations with the minimum of delay.

Arranging life assurance is an important decision and can often involve the added stress of a medical examination.

Lotus Healthcare is able to perform these examinations with the minimal delay in a friendly and relaxed environment.   

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